Free Dyslexic Drum and Percussion Lessons


We found that these graphic illustrations of drum patterns were a great help to some students who suffered from Dyslexia.

The patterns can be played and practiced on a hand drum or with sticks on a drum kit. They are written from the perspective of a right handed drummer. The right hand symbol means play the beat with the right hand, etc.

Read The patterns from Left to Right. When a foot symbol appear beneath a hand beat, you play it at the same time, like wise if both hands appear on the same beat, play them at the same time.

All of the patterns should be played in repetition. That means you keep repeating the pattern without any pause or hesitation. Play it for a few minutes or keep practicing until you can repeat the pattern smoothly.

We hope you enjoy playing these drum patterns and have lots of fun. Please forward any feedback to,


Rudimental Exercises

These exercises can be played on any hand drum or practiced with sticks on a snare drum, for example. Play them slowly at first, concentrating on keeping the beats evenly spaced.


Single Stroke Roll

Double Stroke Roll




Groups of three equally divided notes. Keep repeating the patterns at a constant speed (Tempo).

Triplet A

Triplet B

Four A Triplets and Four B Triplets


Drum Kit Patterns

These patterns are for a drum kit with the top line being played on a hi hat or ride cymbal, the middle line on the snare drum and the bottom line on the bass drum. Read left to right and keep repeating. If they seem too difficult, try mastering the top two lines with your hands before adding the foot beats. At first play them slowly and always keep the beats evenly spcaced and regular.

Drum Kit Pattern 1

Drum Kit Pattern 2

Drum Kit Pattern 3


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